These New Balance Tekela V1 Pro FG Lite Shift football boots are limited edition boots and come with a full foot micro fibre upper with kinetic stitch dynamic embroidered bands which provide extreme dynamic stability, instant touch, incredible feel and extraordinary manoeuvrability.

Any wearer of the Tekela's will get exceptional stability, feel and touch which will allow them to be fearless in their pursuit of getting forward for those vital goals. These boots come with a mid-cut silicone embossed elasti-collar and a lightweight articulated two piece soleplate.

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These New Balance Furon 5.0 FG Limited Edition Lite Shift football boots come with a bonded mesh upper and integrated low-profile track collar for the ultimate response and a natural locked-in feel.

The Hidraskin touch membrane and enlarged clean lace contact zone provides a clean strike zone and deadly finishing. Data-driven directional stud placement gives an ultra-aggressive take-off and the redesigned Fantom Fit full-foot skeleton offers targeted lockdown and unrivalled acceleration.

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The new 19.1 boots are inspired by those younger players who are ready to step up and show how important academies are.

Sports retailer Puma have added a new boot to their line that is engineered for fit on the foot, fast on the pitch and feel on the ball. Fit, Feel and fast - the three F's. These Football Boots are suitable for use on firm or artificial surfaces.

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