This is the new Universidad de Chile 2020 Home football kit by Adidas.

The new shirt is dark blue with a second shade of blue for the neck, cuffs and three stripes. It will also feature "Aeroready" technology, which provides better ventilation and freshness for players, and will be used by the teams in Europe and South America.

This is the new Vissel Kobe 2020 Home kit by Asics.

For the first time in the club's history the home shirt features a diamond pattern, depicting the desire to always move forward and attempt new things.

This colourful Puma City Influence jersey with Russia-inspired graphics will have you representing the team from Moscow with urban, street-ready style.

The City Influence Pack imagines six new football clubs from the cities of New York, Moscow, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Marrakesh and Havana, and kits them out with bold graphics influenced by the culture of each city.

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