This is the commemorative 75th anniversary shirt that VfL Wolfsburg wore in their DFB Cup victory over Union Fürstenwalde last weekend.

Celebrating 75 years since the German Bundesliga club’s formation on 12th September 1945, the largely plain green Nike shirt refers to that date on the upper back, while also carrying a special white crest to mark the occasion. The VW branding is in simple white along with the Swoosh logo.

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This is the new, 2020-21 FC Copenhagen Home kit by adidas.

The Danish Superliga side have a new white Home shirt, with contrasting royal blue providing all embellishment save for the full-colour crest - including sizeable cuffs and side of torso trim, as well as all adidas branding.

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This is the new, 2020-21 season Home kit, by adidas, for German football giants HSV.

The new Home shirt for the 2. Bundesliga side has a relatively minimalist white “Condivo 20” base, with the crest in full colour and the adidas branding - logo and shoulder stripes - in red.

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Wolverhampton Wanderers FC - Wolves - have today launched their new, 2020-21 season Third kit by adidas.

The Premier League side’s new secondary change shirt, which is referred to as both “maroon” and “burgundy” by the club, is trimmed with green and minimal amounts of white. The crest, the adidas logo and stripes, and the ManBetX and Aeroset sponsorship branding are all in green, resulting in the arguably apt look of a Portugal design.

The Australia national team 2020 Away kit by Nike has been revealed earlier today.

When required to change, the men’s and women’s teams - the Socceroos and the Matildas - now have a “freshwater” green Away shirt, with gold detailing via the Nike “Swoosh” logo and side-of-torso trim and obsidian complements in the neck, cuffs and patch on which the full-colour crest is mounted.

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Nike and Football Federation Australia have today unveiled the new, 2020 Australia Home kit.

The Socceroos’ (and Matildas’) new Home shirt is part of Nike’s “Move To Zero” initiative, so utilises recycled polyester from plastic bottles, and is in “Australian gold” with a contrasting polo shirt-style green collar. The “Swoosh” logo is also in green, as well as the side-of-torso trim and cuffs, while the elaborate crest is in full colour on a tonal patch.

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This is the new, 2020-21 season FC Basel Away kit by adidas.

The recently launched new Away shirt is in white with embellishments in black. Decoration takes the form of “painted” horizontal stripes, increasing in size the lower down the shirt they are. To keep with the theme, the crest is rendered in monochrome and the adidas logo and shoulder stripes are in black as well.

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This is the new, recently launched FC Basel Home kit by adidas.

The new 2020-21 season Home shirt for the Swiss Super League side provides a twist on the famous blue and red halves look. On a relatively simple blue base, the red half is rendered via a paint stroke effect, barely filling that portion of the torso.

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Unión Deportiva Las Palmas recently launched their new, 2020-21 season Home, Away and Third kits by Hummel.

The Spanish Segunda Division side has a yellow Home shirt this season with minimal blue embellishment - including subtle “V” collar trim, the Hummel chest logo and chevrons and the “Gran Canaria” sponsorship branding - combined with blue shorts and socks which can be combined with the blue Away shirt with significant yellow trim.

This is the 2020-21 Genoa CFC Home shirt by Kappa.

The new shirt is in the familiar red and navy halves with halved and alternate-coloured sleeves and a sublimated shadow stripe effect. The stylised collar is neat with red and navy trim while embellishment beyond this includes the crest in full colour and Kappa’s “Omini” logos in gold.

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