Chelsea FC revealed the new 2020-21 home kit which blends the latest in athletic innovation with the finesse of fine London tailoring.

Just as Chelsea is woven into the fabric of London life, the city’s rich fashion heritage is woven into the new shirts, the traditional blue elevated by a subtle all-over herringbone knit and garnished with bespoke flourishes.

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Chelsea’s new home look is made up of the blue jersey, blue shorts and white socks. The tasteful herringbone pattern covers both the shirt and the shorts, creating a sophisticated, textured effect. The jersey is framed by a deep, dark blue collar and trim on the sleeves. The trim is monogrammed with "CFC."

Dark blue tape runs down the sides of the torso and is embossed with the phrase, "The Pride of London." Both the font and the indigo lettering are reminiscent of the labels sewn inside London-crafted suits. White socks, decorated with a Nike Swoosh and a Chelsea lion complete a sharp head-to-toe look.

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  1. Ant

Abit plain but nice but the logo is far to big it would have been better also if they had a red trim to represent the chelsea pensioner's



  1. N9andy
  1. Steviemick

I think it's a very nice shirt, but doesn't really look like a Chelsea shirt to me

I agree with the previous poster too, the 3 logo does look a bit large and dominant.
But that's the point of advertising I suppose, although I'd be interested by how the dimensions fit in with the rules, I thought logos had to be within a certain size and that definitely looks bigger.

  1. S

parquet flooring

  1. Dave

Another decent kit shines by the sponsor

  1. Geoff

That and the Stevenage kit are definitely going head to head for having nice kits slaughtered by ugly sponsor logos!!

  1. gmgt

Not a fan of the dark blue trimmings

  1. Random Particle

Not the nicest Chelsea shirt I've seen but with kits only in use for one season nowadays it doesn't really matter if it's crap

  1. Russel1311

Reminds me of Birmingham City from about 2002.

  1. Deano

Who writes this shite? It's like something the arsehole swotty kid comes up with in GCSE English.

  1. piegrim    Deano

Best comment in years.

  1. Villa

Bland, shapeless run of the mill Nike, will be same as all Nike this year just different colours

  1. DJ

That is horrible, the sponsor ruins any credibility to what looks like a training top. Awful.

  1. piegrim

Absolutely typefies modern shirt design in boasting some marketing b.s. to present fans with an over-priced, cheaply-manufactured item that spits in the face of dignity, tradition and design to create a cash cow for the clubs in leagues ruined by the creation of the Premier League and the TV money that ensued. And, that this site, which was once upon a time somewhat more critical of releases, is just a shop window for manufacturers and clubs just compounds these facts with newspeak and marketing drivel. Modern football is rubbish.

  1. Jose

Shalke reserves

  1. Turnip

Do I not like that.

  1. McCreadie

A training kit?

  1. Nico denko

WHY are they playing in an Everton cast off kit?!!! Chelsea should be ashamed that this shirt doesnt have one thing about the club tradition blue and white.

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